Le Tucan, a colorful bar in Benidorm

The Tucan is a special and very colorful bird. It is also the name of a bar in the Benidorm old town's gay village. Bar Le Tucan is the place to be if you want to have fun the old-fashioned gay way. It's a beautifully decorated bar with perfect bar service. The place is just big enough for a dance to good music, it's also the only bar with a dance pole in the nearby area. On occasion, Le Tucan has special events and themed parties.

Le Tucan Benidorm

So if you are in the Benidorm old town and looking for a colorful night out, Le Tucan can be a fun place to go to. The Belgian owners are very international when it comes to being the perfect host, they do not however serve Belgian beers.

Le Tucan is a night bar, but soon they will be opening a day bar just opposite the bar with the remarkable name "Le Jungle de Tucan". Animals not included.

You can find Le Tucan at this address: Calle San Vincente 10, Benidorm.


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