Plaza Major

The Plaza Mayor is considered the oldest shopping center in the old town of Benidorm. It is accessible via the most famous shopping streets of the city, the "Passeig de la Carretera" and the "Calle Tomás Ortuño". You can walk by numerous small shops in two covered galleries that end on a small square. On that square you will also find one of the best and most famous leather shops in the city, "Paco Limon", they were already housed there in 1970.

Picture by Harry Fabel

On the opposite side of this shop is an equally old and famous restaurant. "La Mesón Plaza Major" is mainly a grill restaurant. Specialties include among many other things, barbecued lamb and suckling pig cooked in a wood-fired oven. The restaurant has a sunny terrace that is even comfortable in the winter months.

Picture by Harry Fabel

In the buildings above the square are the rehearsal rooms of a music school and some brass bands. They regularly give free concerts in the square.

Here are other tips: If you go back to the "Passeig de la Carretera" using the small steps next to the "Paco Limon" store, you will pass an amazing good fish restaurant, one you should try for sure.