The beautiful Poniente beach promenade

A lot of effort is done to make the Poniente beach promenade a very special, comfortable, and beautiful pavement to walk on. It is even now the most beautiful promenade of Benidorm and when it was finished in 2010, it was voted the most beautiful promenade in Spain.

Picture by Harry Fabel

It is not just a promenade by the sea, it is considered an architectural piece of art. It's the perfect place for a long stroll, brisk walk, or even a run alongside the long and quiet Poniente beach. The promenade has the perfect balance between walking, sitting, and enjoying the view.

Picture by Harry Fabel

The special curves and stairs make the walking path a pleasant place to come and meet with friends or family. A separate cycle path runs along the promenade. Perfect for people who love bike rides along the coastline. And if you want to walk a little faster than usual, you can certainly use this path.