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A street gym for everyone to use

Benidorm has its own street gym facility on Poniente beach. The devices, they are more horizontal bars, are freely accessible and located on the actual beach, the sea is nearby. As the main for such an outdoor fitness, the city has provided signs on how to correctly perform the recommended exercises. If that's not enough, the facility is also located next to the Poniente promenade with its own walking, running, and cycling street. Picture by Harry Fabel If you find yourself in the old center of Benidorm or in La Cala, you can easily go to the open-air fitness as part of your training. A refreshing dip in the sea after your workout is also one of the options. The complete package and absolutely free. What are you waiting for? Welcome to Benidorm. For the novice exerciser, Benidorm also has specialized fitness equipment for all ages at the promenade of Poniente beach close to the city center. If you want to take it a little easier, you can also participate in the guided beach exerci
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The disgrace of La Cala Beach in Finestrat

If you have ever visited La Cala beach in Finestrat near Benidorm you will have seen that there is a huge building still in scaffolding just in front of the beach. This building should one day become one of the largest hotels in Benidorm, hotel room wise, unfortunately, the imposing building was never finished, what's more, the works were stopped more than 20 years ago due to a legal issue. The original hotel would have too many floors and would therefore block the view of the sea from the buildings behind it. Something that today is otherwise little taken into account when you see the current building frenzy in the city of Benidorm. The land on which the Atrium Beach hotel, as the imposing hotel would be called, is built is owned by one of the largest hotel groups in Benidorm and the Balearic Islands. Picture by Harry Fabel The owner of the company was eventually ordered to demolish the hotel, but after years of legal discussions, the developers were fined hugely and ordered to r

Capone, perfect hair care since 1983

In Benidorm, there are many beauty salons and hairdressers. There are even more hair salons than there are food stores. That is why it is not always easy to find the right hair salon that suits you, especially if you are on vacation and want to keep looking good. A hair salon that you can definitely consider visiting is Capone, this hairdressing salon calls itself Vintage and has been established in Benidorm since 1983. You can go to this salon for practically everything that has to do with hair, from cutting, coloring, and restyling to professional waxing of unwanted hairs. Capone Benidorm The hair salon is located in the heart of Benidorm's old town, on a side street off the well-known Paseo de la Carretera shopping street, Calle Santa Fac, 8. The people in the hair salon mainly only speak Spanish, but that can't stop you from getting yourself a new haircut, there are plenty of resources these days to strengthen your language skills. What are you waiting for? Your hair pampe

Benidorm's first skyscraper

The Torre Coblanca was the first block of flats in Benidorm to go up to 30 floors and a height of 94 meters. This building on the Levante beach is also the start of the towering building frenzy that still rages in the city to this day. Building ever higher has now become a household name in Benidorm. Picture by harry Fabel The building was completed in 1969. The know-how to build taller buildings on sandy grounds was later applied to other buildings along coastlines in other cities such as Miami. The Torre Coblanca is still very popular today with many holidaymakers and permanent residents, mainly due to its excellent location on the beach and close to the old town.  At the bottom of the building, there are still several small shops, restaurants, and service companies, just like in the early years of the tower. Picture by Harry Fabel Torre Levante took over the first position of the highest building in 1985 with 120 meters and 35 floors.

You will never get lost because of these Belgian beach poles

The beach orientation poles that you can find on the Beaches of Benidorm are actually a Belgian invention. The inventor of the piles, Dominiek Vervaecke from Oudenburg, even has a copyright on his invention. The poles are primarily intended for finding lost children, the only thing you have to agree with your children is which pole they should walk to if they are lost or have strayed too far. Picture by Harry Fabel The poles were first placed on the Beaches in Belgium and were later used in other places such as Benidorm and Cannes. An interesting fact is that the poles in Benidorm have been used illegally for quite some time because there was no permission from the inventor due to the copyright, this dispute was later settled.

Bar Panoramico Benidorm

In the port of Benidorm, you can find this small but well-located bar. The special thing about the bar is that it has a fantastic view over the small marina and the skyline of the city. The bar is therefore called Bar Panoramico and is located above the maritime center of the Port de Benidorm. Picture by Harry Fabel In addition to the beautiful view, the bar also offers various small dishes and different drinks with sometimes interesting offers. The bar is open all year round and you don't need to be a member of the marina club to visit. Especially in the winter months, the place is a suitable place to enjoy the afternoon sun with a beautiful view over the many high buildings along the Poniente beach and the yachts in front of it. Picture by Harry Fabel You can find the bar across the entrance to the small Mal Pas beach. There is also an excellent fish restaurant below the bar.

Why is Costa Blanca called Costa Blanca?

Costa Blanca is Spanish for White Coast. It is said that this is because from the air you can see the coast as a white glitter due to the reflection of the sun on the white facades of houses in the villages such as Altea and the old town of Benidorm, in addition to the contrast that the white coves and beaches make with the intense blue of the Mediterranean. Picture by Pixabay That bright light makes a huge impression on passengers flying over the coastline. British Airways also used the name Costa Blanca in a commercial to promote air traffic between London and Valencia in the 1950s. How to reach the villages of Costa Blanca? The Costa Blanca is located in the province of Alicante, it is crossed by the AP-7 highway, which has exits at every place on Costa Blanca. These are the cities and towns along the Costa Blanca: Denia, Jávea, Benitatxell, Teulada-Moraira, Benissa, Calpe, Altea Alfaz del Pi, Benidorm, Finestrat, Villajoyosa, Campello, Alicante, Elche, Santa Pola, Guardamar del Se