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The Three kings are more important than Christmas

For the Spaniards, the holiday season does not end with New Year's Eve. For them, there is one more important holiday, namely January 6. On this day the Spanish children receive gifts, and not on Christmas Eve. The Three Kings tradition is quite similar to Christmas, with the difference that it is not about the birth of Jesus, but about the Royal visitors, he receives one week later. According to the biblical story, three kings from the far east came and brought gifts for the little newborn King. Picture by Pixabay This event is now honored and the 3 wise kings were elevated to saints in Spain, Melchior, Balthazar, and Gaspar gradually got the name Tres Reyes Magos. Children can pass on their wishes via magical or royal mailboxes that are placed in town squares and in shopping centers, this is also comparable to the letter that children in the rest of the world can deliver to Santa Claus. On January 5, there is the solemn entry of the 3 kings. This impressive procession also takes
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Chocolate from Villajoyosa

A few kilometers just outside Benidorm you can find the authentic village of Villajoyosa, also known as the chocolate village. In the 18th century, they started with the import of the cocoa plant from Ecuador and Venezuela. The Valor chocolate brand is now very famous and available worldwide. Valor has been making chocolate since 1881. The chocolate factory has its own museum. The Museo del Chocolate is open every day except on  Sundays. In the museum, you can learn everything there is to know about chocolate, the production process, and the long history of the chocolate factory. A tour lasts about an hour. Picture courtesy of Valor Would you rather not leave Benidorm to enjoy the Valor chocolate? No problem, Valor also has a chocolate shop and bar in Benidorm. The specialty here is the churros with hot chocolate. This is something typical of Villajoyosa and the whole of Costa Blanca.

El Casco Antiguo de Benidorm

El Casco Antiguo or the Benidorm Old town is located between the two biggest beaches of the city, Playa de Levante, and Playa de Poniente. This is the oldest center of Benidorm, what used to be a small fishing village. Now, this part of the city is full of cozy cafes, restaurants, souvenirs shops and has an amazing view over the Mediterranean. You have to take note that the streets are narrow and have some steep climbs.  You can discover small squares along the way, the smaller Mal Pas beach and the Port de Benidorm are also very close. Picture by Harry Fabel The highlight of El Casco Antiguo is the Balcon del Mediterraneo. This is a terrace that is located exactly between the two beaches and from which you can look out over the sea. The terrace is attached to a beautiful and graceful white building and is tiled with black and white flagstones. The stairs to the actual balcony are an adventure in themselves. Picture by Harry Fabel Besides the old streets and the balcony overlooking th

Dia de la Hispanidad

October 12 is a National holiday in Spain in honor of Columbus.  It is the day Columbus and his crew discovered the American continent in 1492. He landed on an island that is now part of the Bahamas in the Caribbean.  The Fiesta National de Espana, as it is called in many South American countries is also remembering too that day, it is, in fact, a holiday for all Spanish-speaking countries en communities. Picture by Pixabay The day is celebrated with all kinds of activities and animations, going from parades to Bullfighting tournaments. In the United States, Columbus Day is celebrated on the second Monday in October. In some countries, the day is deliberately not celebrated or renamed, especially to commemorate the Native American victims of Columbus and later European settlers and to emphasize the equality and human rights of Native Americans. Keep in mind that many shops are closed as Spain celebrates its Dia de la Hispanidadal though bars and restaurants should be open and busy, al

Platja Racó del Conill

Platja Racó del Conill is a beautiful little place in a small cove with a pebble beach and crystal clear water, perfect for snorkeling. The beach is located in the middle of a nature reserve, but there is parking nearby. There are toilets available and in the summer months, there is a cozy Chiringuito Bar. Picture by Samu Alicante This beach is mainly a nudist beach and has been for over 40 years, so keep that in mind! If you can and want, undress and enjoy one of the most beautiful small beaches of Costa Blanca. If you prefer to keep your clothes on, respect the nudists. T he beach is also frequented by the gay community. The easiest way to get to the beach is by car. From Benidorm take the N332 South, exit onto the CV 767 towards La Vila Joiosa Nord /Villajoyosa Norte. Follow this road and turn left, immediately before the casino, take the small road, you can park there. Continue to the beach on foot. By bus, take the bus to La Cala de Finestrat . Walk over the hill at the right sid

Aqua Nature Benidorm

The water park covers an area of 40,000 square meters and is primarily designed to give pleasure to many visitors of all generations. It is a well-structured park. As a parent or grandparent, you can relax while the children have fun in one of the many swimming pools, adapted to all ages. Water fun is always assured in  Aqua Nature! Picture by Gustavo Morán Chacón You are not a water hero? Don't worry, the park is also ideal for you, you can eat and drink in many places. You can also just relax in the Spa or in the Jacuzzi. The water park consists of five major parts. Those parts are the various water slides, the wave pool, the children's pool, the spa sun deck, and the lighthouse at the harbor dam. Aqua Natura is a must for the whole family or if you are looking for an adventurous day with your friends. With your entrance ticket, you can stay in the park for a whole day. However, many visitors combine their visit to Aqua Nature Benidorm with that of Terra Natura Benidorm . Th

Company Bar, where good company meets

One of the oldest gay bars in Benidorm is definitely Company Bar. This small but very cozy terrace bar is not located in the Gay Village of the old town, but just outside of it, more precisely the street next to the world-famous so-called Tapas Alley, the Calle Santo Domingo. The bar has changed hands a few times in recent years but is now run by Geoff and his partner. Both have a good experience running a bar and that means that the Company Bar is back now, more than ever before. Conviviality, music, and chatting on the terrace are now the properties of Company Bar. Bar Company Benidorm In the near future, the bar will even be expanded with a lounge zone and roof terrace. So are you looking for an afternoon bar or a night bar with a terrace? Then Company Bar is definitely recommended. The bar opens at 12 every day till very late at night. On some days they have some surprising events. You can find Company Bar at this address: Calle San Miguel, 16, Benidorm.