Gran Hotel Bali

The Gran Hotel Bali is one of the most highly regarded four-star hotels in Benidorm. With a height of 186 meters, it is the highest hotel in Europe. The site consists of four buildings designed by architect Antonio Escario. The construction started in 1998 and was finished in 2002. It was the tallest building in Spain until 2006, surpassed by the Torre Espacio in Madrid. But still, the massive building can be seen popping out of the already amazing Benidorm skyline.

Picture by Harry Fabel

The Gran Hotel Bali has 776 rooms and 18 lifts, some of them are glass lifts built on the outside of the hotel. Different gardens and several swimming pools make it the perfect holiday destination. A lobby with exclusive shops and restaurants will make your stay even more pleasant.   

Picture by Harry Fabel

The hotel is actually located in La Cala De Finestrat and not in Benidorm. With its distance of 300 meters from the Sea and with good visibility you can both see the big beaches of Benidorm, the beach of La Cala De Finestrat, and even further the island of Tabarca in front of Alicante. On the other side, you can clearly see the beautiful hinterland with the Puig Campana.

Picture by Harry Fabel

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