Top 5 things you should visit in Alicante

A day trip to Alicante is highly recommended when you spend your holiday in Benidorm. You can take the bus at the Benidorm main bus station or a tram next to that bus station. Both will get you in Alicante in no time for about 8 euros one way. Here are some places you should visit in Alicante:

1. Explanada de España
This beautiful pedestrian boulevard along the coast is perhaps the most beautiful boulevard in Spain. Walk the wide path between palm trees and stalls with a refreshing breeze from the sea. The long boulevard passes beautiful buildings and is also an important meeting place in the evening.

Picture by Harry Fabel

2. Basilica de Santa Maria
The Basílica de Santa María is the oldest church in the city, built on the remains of a mosque. The Gothic basilica was built in the 14th and 15th centuries and consists of one nave with six chapels. In the church, you can see beautiful works of art and a golden altar.

Picture by Harry Fabel

3. Casco Antiguo
The small and historic city center of Alicante with narrow streets and nice squares is the heart of the city. The neighborhood has various sights such as Plaza Ayuntamiento, Mercado Central, the Spanish fresh market, Palacio Maissonnave, and the basilica. Stroll through this historic city center and certainly see the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, the square with the baroque town hall. At the entrance of the building, there is a work of art from Pablo Picasso.

Picture by Harry Fabel

4. Castillo de Santa Bárbara
The huge castle of Santa Barbara is located on top of the 166 meters high Monte Benecantil. During the Moorish domination, a first settlement was created here, which after the reconquest by King Alfonso X of Castile was further expanded as a castle with a strategic location and a prison. In the castle, there is a small museum about the history of the castle.

Picture by Harry Fabel

You can reach the ruins of the castle in several ways. You can walk through the Parque de la Ereta, a wooded park that is laid out on the hill or walk over the fortress wall to the castle in about an hour. To make the visit to the castle easier, a lift has also been installed. Take the walking tunnel from the entrance of Calle Jovellanos. The castle is free to visit, you only have to pay for the lift. The castle with stunning views is by far the number 1 attraction of Alicante.

The port of Alicante is a nice area to walk around among the many yachts, cozy restaurants, discos, and casinos. The harbor has a pirate boat with a restaurant, Barco Restaurante El Trinidad, and a free museum about the famous Volvo ocean race.

Picture by Harry Fabel

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