A bicycle paradise

The cyclist has received a lot of attention in Benidorm in recent years. The City Council has converted much of the city's roads into bicycle paths in all its facets, they now have more than 80 km of useful and safe cycle paths. In addition, there is the privileged geographical situation of Benidorm, from which you can either cycle flat or immediately climb into the mountains. It is also a region where many international professional cycling teams come to train every year.

Picture by Pixabay

To promote use, the city has equipped itself with a large fleet of rental bicycles that can be picked up from many of the city's main points. There is the possibility to rent a bicycle at a more than reasonable price. This service also tries to promote the use of this efficient and healthy way of transport within the city. An exceptional climate facilitates its use all year round.

There are currently 24 bike collection points, but it is planned to expand to 40 over the next few years. Rates range from € 4.55 per day, € 10 per week, € 20 per month to a spectacular all-year price for only € 30. You can also rent more professional bikes at rental shops all over the city.


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