A dog friendly holiday destination

In addition to being a cycle-friendly and walking-friendly city, Benidorm wants to be a dog-friendly city as well and that is why Visit Benidorm, the tourism department of Benidorm has made a folder containing useful information and tips for travelers with dogs. Benidorm is aware of the fact that more and more travelers are going on holiday with their four-legged friends and so they collected all useful information in one place.

Picture by Pixabay

The dog-friendly idea of ​​Benidorm focuses more on Spanish tourists than on foreigners. According to a study by the website Dog Vivant, there are 7 million travelers who go on holiday with their dog or dogs in Spain and it has been found that this group also spends about 23% more during a holiday.

Visit Benidorm wants to pay more attention to the dog-friendly concept by providing information and tips. For example, the brochure and the website show you which hotels in Benidorm accept dogs in the room, in which restaurants it is allowed to eat with your dog, how public transport is arranged when you travel with a dog, and much more.

Picture by Harry Fabel

Strangely enough, "dog friendly" Benidorm does not have its own dog beach so they still have to work on that. However, the folder does contain the "playas de Perros" in other villages near Benidorm.

There are also special routes and places in Benidorm where you can go with your dog and where you can find vets if necessary. The rules regarding dogs in Benidorm are also mentioned in the folder.

You can download the folder here.