A piece of China in Benidorm

Like in many other big cities, Benidorm is full of Chinese shops where you can buy a lot of stuff and clothing at a very cheap price. There are even some big got it all supermarkets that have all the possible do-it-yourself materials, kitchenware, hobby material, and small electrical appliances. Be careful buying these things in those shops, check the quality and guarantee.

Picture by Harry Fabel

Besides the Chinese shops, there are also some good Chinese restaurants in Benidorm. One of them is China Town. This restaurant can be found in the Calle del Esperanto, just outside the Benidorm Old Town. The restaurant has a traditional Chinese style and the interior immediately gives you the impression that you have stepped into an Asian environment. The staff is friendly and is used to international customers, they speak different languages. the menus are also written in different languages.

Picture by Harry Fabel

The choice of food in the restaurant is extensive and you can already have a menu starting at 5.95 euros, including wine and dessert. They also have the ability to host large groups of people and have a take-away service.