DAYMA beauty and household shop

Here is a great tip you could use during your stay in Benidorm. Did you know that in the Benidorm old town there is a very interesting beauty and household shop? It looks not very special on the outside, is not very big but it has all the most common beauty and household products you can find in any other shop or supermarket. Nothing special you could say. The special thing about the shop, however, is the fact that everything that is sold, is sold much cheaper than in other shops nearby, way cheaper.

Picture by Harry Fabel

DAYMA sells all the household brands and perfumes from the top brands and reputable houses. Sometimes at half the price, you would pay in the bigger shops and supermarkets. And yes, it's the real stuff. The shop can be found in the middle of the Tomás Ortuño shopping street. Looking for that great deal? DAYMA is the place to go. It's a typical Spanish family store, so polish up your Spanish.