Safety first in Benidorm!

Benidorm is a safe city to go on holiday, but mass tourism does of course mean that there are many potential targets for criminals. You will have to pay attention to pickpockets on the beaches and boulevards and it is best to never leave valuable items alone when you go for a swim in the sea.

Picture by Harry Fabel

If you go for a walk on the boulevards in the evening or night, do not be tempted by street criminals to play a game. Even when you are approached on the street to buy something, you should not go into this. It is often a scam and you are robbed of your wallet or other valuables while you are not paying attention.

Picture by Harry Fabel

Robbing a hotel room is unfortunately also more common than in other Spanish seaside resorts. So make sure you carry valuables with you in a secure money belt or keep them in a safe in your hotel.

To report theft, robbery, or burglary, you can reach the Benidorm police on this number +34 902 102 112. They usually speak Spanish, English, and German. The general Police number in Benidorm is +34 966 807 766.