Stairs for the lovers

If you want to take the fastest way from the port of Benidorm to the old town, you can do that with the stairs that connect both. This staircase is also sometimes called the staircase of lovers. The stairs got this name because for many years young couples and not-so-young couples who wanted to seal their love attached a padlock to the railing of the stairs with their names written or engraved on it.

Picture by Harry Fabel

Until a few years ago, literally, thousands of locks hung like clusters from that railing. Sometimes it was a very romantic sight. But like many things, this tradition was abused a lot. Locks of ex-lovers were taken away or other locks were simply cut off by others to make room for their own lock.

Picture by Harry Fabel

In the end, the city council of Benidorm has decided to remove all padlocks and it is now no longer allowed to hang new ones. Another tradition is still that couples kiss each other on the intermediate platform of the stairs, very romantic, with the beautiful Mediterranean Sea in the background. And yes, why not? Take a selfie for your friends or family.