Watch out for the mobility scooters!

Benidorm seems to be the paradise for mobility scooters. People with limited mobility can rent scooters of all shapes and sizes in Benidorm. EasyHire is a major lessor of mobility scooters and is located in Benidorm New Town. As their name says it all, it is easy for them to rent you a scooter, sometimes too easy. Even people who don't really need one can rent a scooter without any problems. For them, it's just a fun thing to get around with.

Picture by Harry Fabel

Scooters can be rented per day, per week, or even per month. The longer you rent these vehicles, the cheaper the average price per day becomes. In addition to the usual three- and four-wheel mobility scooters, you also have special heavy-duty scooters that can carry people up to a weight of no less than 220 kilograms and so-called limo scooters on which two people can sit behind each other. The person who is at the front controls the scooter.

Picture by Harry Fabel

As a pedestrian in Benidorm, you will have to take into account that there are quite a few scooters on the footpaths and roads searching their way through the city. You don't always hear them coming. That is why it is especially important to watch out with young children, because they sometimes want to make an unexpected movement, and so does the scooter. This can have nasty consequences if someone just passes by on a mobility scooter in a hurry.