A trip to Calpe

The city of Calpe is characterized by the 332-meter high rock "El peñon de Ifach", which protrudes into the sea and can be seen from very far away. The rock is part of a small bird nature reserve. At the top of the rock, you have a beautiful view of the entire Costa Blanca.

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Just like Benidorm, Calpe is a tourist place. This is mainly due to the always good weather in the region. There are several apartment buildings on the promenade, as well as cafes, restaurants, and disco bars. The surrounding hills are filled with villas. Most of the inhabitants of the city are foreigners from all over Europe who mainly come to spend the winter.

Calpe has two large beaches, left and right of the Ifach. The old beach, the "Arenal", is located between the city and the Ifach. The new beach, "La Fossa", is in the part north of the Ifach. Both have a boulevard along the entire beach. Calpe is a city with a rich culture and history. Romans, Iberians, and Moors fought for this beautiful location for 20 centuries. Remains of these civilizations can still be found in the local museums and exhibitions. The historic center is still in good condition. You can still find many murals. It has small streets and squares and a good village atmosphere. Every Saturday there is a market, where you will find everything from fruit and vegetables to fabrics and small trinkets.

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The port is located near the center, south of the Ifach. Calpe has a port where fish is auctioned daily. Fishing and diving are two important sports that are practiced there.

From the center of Benidorm, you can reach Calpe in an hour by public transport. A ticket will cost you about 1.50 euros one way. You can also take the tram, but you will have to walk a long way to the Calpe center and coastline. Because the tramlines in Benidorm and Calpe are not in the center.


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