Tips to make your Benidorm holiday even better

If you search the internet for things you can do in Benidorm you will get solid links to all the well-organized tourist attractions of the city by the Spanish Mediterranean sea. There is nothing wrong with that of course, but Benidorm has more to offer and often these things are in places where you do not expect them and these activities are mostly free.

Picture by Harry Fabel

For example, did you know that Benidorm has two museums? Well, two museums, actually there is one museum and the other is more of exhibition space for the local fishermen's guild. You can find this on the way to Mal Pas beach and the Port de Benidorm. In the Centre Cultural Maritim, a small but historical building, you can discover how the fishermen used to catch Tuna in Benidorm. You can also see interesting miniature boats and fish attributes from the past century. A volunteer from the guild is happy to show you around, in Spanish though.

Picture by Harry Fabel

The real museum of Benidorm is in the most famous shopping street of the Old Town, the "Passeig de la Carretera", and is called "Museo Boca del Calvari" The museum offers various exhibitions, usually two a year, directly or indirectly related to Benidorm. As the exhibition of the fisherman's guild, admission to the museum is also free.

If you would like more exercise during your holiday, you can do that for free in Benidorm. Here and there you can find various fitness equipment set up in small parks. The use of these devices is very easy and often self-explanatory, everybody can do this. If you want to be more intense and professional, you can walk to the beach gym at Poniente beach. This is for the more sportive guys and girls who like to combine running with some intense exercise.

Picture by Harry Fabel

On the Benidorm beaches, there is also something quite unique, a group gym or singing on the beach. This is mostly done in the morning or around noon. If you want to participate just take a walk alongside the beaches promenade, spot them and join.

Picture by Harry Fabel

If you want to get up in the air for free you can walk all the way up the Grand Bali Hotel and take the glass elevator on the outside.  You can also visit the roof terrace for a small entrance price. Another place where you can take the glass elevator is at the Planta 20 bar and restaurant of the Hotel Madeira Centro.

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