Museum Winery Maserof Jalón

Do you want to combine history with taste? In the mountains around Benidorm, you can find Museum Winery Restaurant Maserof. This unique setting is located in and around an old Roman villa. The villa is restored in 1972 by the Englishman Peter Pateman who also restarted the vineyard that was there for many centuries. Around the villa is a combination of outbuildings that date back to the Iberian period. The full history of the site and the town of Jalón goes back to Roman times. Numerous finds, tools, and pottery from the Bronze Age have been discovered.

The museum features objects and furniture dating from the eleventh to the nineteenth century. The villa with the name Maserof, is surrounded by almond trees, vines, and olive trees, and is located in a strategic enclave between the Sierra de Bernia, the Tossal del Navarro in Calpe, the Montgo, and the Costera del Ferrer.

Picture by Pixabay

During the season, in September, the winery produces an old-fashioned, stomping with your feet event. Visitors are invited to help with this traditional way of making wine that goes back to Roman times. The organization behind the winery and museum also offers different courses and interesting workshops. The wine is sold under the name Le Baron de Maserof. The restaurant is organized in a strange but original way, you will dine on old plates and use gathered glasses and cutlery.

You can find the villa at this address: Camino Bernia, km 5.5, Jalón. Opening hours for the Museum and restaurant: Saturday and Sunday from 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm. More information on their website Maserof Museum Winery