Parasailing the Benidorm coastline

Since the 1970s, parasailing has been a common term for a guided parachute flight towed by a boat. In recent years, this experience has become increasingly popular for recreational fun and water sports. More and more people are taking an unforgettable flights along the coastline of Benidorm and enjoying an incredible parasailing experience. 15 minutes parasailing in Benidorm will cost you about 70 euros for one person and 100 euros for two persons. 

Picture by Harry Fabel

People of all ages are eligible. The service includes the highest safety standards and the ability to fly alone or in pairs and enjoy the adventure together. This water sports activity is also ideal for groups, albeit in flights of two people at a time. Get to know the beauty of Spain from a bird's eye view while the motorboat is towing you on his laps across the bay. Parasailing combines a thrill with deep relaxation that peaks in a spectacular experience. At the end of the marvelous flight, you'll be landing safely on the landing platform on the stern of the boat.

There are some preconditions however, you need the ability to swim in case of emergency. A life jacket is included in the trip. There is a minimum restriction age of 18 years. Children and teens below 18 years can only join when accompanied by a full-aged adult. You have to bring your own swimwear, towel and sun blocker.