The English Quarter

The popularity of Benidorm in Great Britain is enormous, 90 percent of all British who come to the Valencia region go to Benidorm. They even have their own district known as the Guiri district or also known as the English Quarter where the bars and hotels have adapted their catering especially for them. English beer and English meals are available everywhere.

A very clever Spanish move to get the best out of the British tourist. It's also the only place in the city where bars can stay open after 4 pm. This may have the result that some tourists who are too drunk sometimes cause a nuisance. But what is hot in the English Quarter for the moment?

Picture by Harry Fabel

Tiki Beach Bar
Not in the English Quarter but very famous is the Tiki Beach Bar on Benidorm’s Levante Beach, it is the favorite hangout for British holidaymakers in the daytime.

You can find the center of the English Quarter at the junction of the Avenue de Mallorca and Calle Gerona. The parties start at 8 pm and probably end at about 8 am.

The Wooky Hollow 2
A very popular name among the British is The Wooky Hollow 2, a typical British pub where you can grab some food, kick back a good beer, and party with your new friends until the early hours.

Bourbon's Baras
Another name to remember is Bourbon’s Bar where you can enjoy a hearty English breakfast as well as a mixed drink at any hour of the day. And yes, even Benidorm has a Yellow Brick Road, which is the Avenida de Murcia that got this name from the English and which this pub is also located on.

One of the most important discos of the English Quarter is Hippodrome where it is never quiet. Here the dance floor is full of people who are jumping and dancing to the latest hits and delicious classics. You cannot have visited the English Quarter without visiting Hippodrome.

Very close to Hippodrome is the next recommendation, Bahamas. This disco is located in the middle of the English Quarter of Benidorm and has bars both outside and inside. The entertainment is provided by the DJs who run from Hip Hop to House, and from R&B to Dance to get everyone on the dance floor off the ground.