InTempo apartment building

The InTempo apartment building is almost 200 meters high and has 47 floors in which 256 luxury apartments have been built. InTempo is the second tallest skyscraper in which people live in Europe. The building has a remarkable look because of the two towers and the gold-colored diamond at the top.

Picture by Harry Fabel

InTempo is truly a striking building because of the gold-colored panels on the outside and the gold-colored diamond shape in the highest part of the two towers. It is not visible from the outside, but behind the golden panels and windows are one- to four-bedroom apartments with a modern art deco interior.

There were many problems with the construction of the huge complex. One was financial problems and another the construction of the building itself. While reports that the building did not include elevator shafts, were false, poor planning led to unsafe working conditions for the builders, construction outpacing design, and a construction elevator collapse which injured several of the thirteen workers aboard. Efforts to assist these people were hampered by design flaws that did not permit emergency vehicles onto the building site. Construction was almost completed in March 2014, but the sponsoring undertaking went into bankruptcy. In 2018, the building was acquired by SVP Global, and it is expected to be fully finished in the first quarter of 2021.

Picture by Harry Fabel

Another sad thing is that before the building was finished, there were already two other skyscrapers build in front of it, blocking the sea view from the lower apartments.  


  1. I think this building is spectacular, I also had heard that the elevator only went up to 21 floors and the remaining floors were without access for elevators, and wondered just how this could happen. I am glad the building is being finished, and it is a shame that the other two buildings were constructed in front of it, I blame that on poor city planning, yet it is still a remarkable piece of architecture and a staple of Benidorm.

  2. The story about the elevators only going to the 21 floor is not true. Its the work elevators needed to get workers up to the building that were insufficient and an accident happened, killing some of the workers. The ambulance couldn't get to the site fast enough, so the building had to be stopped because of safety reasons.


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