Tips for booking your holiday to Benidorm

An experienced Benidorm traveler knows how to best organize his or her travel plans, but due to the wide range of hotels, resorts, and apartments, that is not so easy or clear for someone who comes for the first time. Everything depends on your expectations and your budget. Also, the fact that you prefer to stay in your hotel and use the facilities there or rather be day tripper and want to go out every day makes a big difference.

Benidorm has beautiful all-in hotels, usually located a little further from the tourist center of Benidorm and its beaches, but they have all the facilities to give you a wonderful holiday. An excellent and extensive kitchen, good sports and entertainment facilities, and refreshing swimming pools with lots of sunbathing places and pool bars. The staff of these hotels is usually accustomed to an international clientele and speaks several languages. To give you a feeling of reassurance, some hotels employ different nationalities, one of them could be yours. If you have a family with children these hotels are the best choice for you. You can find some interesting offers at your travel agent or online. The package holidays are well taken care of.

Picture by Harry Fabel

On the other hand, you have the many small, often older hotels, which do not have large facilities, but rather have no or only a small swimming pool. The kitchens of these hotels are usually not that extensive and with a bit of luck, you will have a small balcony with a somewhat nice view. Most of these hotels are in the old town center, but not all of them. So you should definitely look out for the location if you would like to book a hotel. The advantage of these hotels is that they are often quieter and a lot cheaper than the larger new hotels. The fact that the kitchen is not so extensive is no problem in Benidorm, there are enough restaurants of all kinds to satisfy your hunger, and this is at an incredibly cheap price. Benidorm also has no shortage of animation cafes and evening terraces. These hotels give you a more Spanish feel and are usually family-run.

Also, the apartments are mostly run by families or small companies that rent them to you. Apartments have almost the same look as the older hotels, except they often have a separate bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. But to be sure you will have to check the full arrangement of the apartment you want to rent. The good thing about renting an apartment in Benidorm is that you can prepare and cook your own food, invite friends to come over and you will have more privacy. The bad thing is that these holidays mostly don't come in a package, so you will have to book your flight and accommodation separately.

Picture by Harry Fabel

However there are apartments you can book in a package with your flight and airport transfer, these apartments are called apart hotels and are perfect in-between alternatives. You have them in all forms, from cheap and simple to very luxurious and expensive. All apartments and apart-hotels are in the center or nearby the center. Check their location before you make your booking.

Benidorm is a holiday destination the whole year-round, so you could get an amazing holiday deal outside the summer months high season. Also in winter Benidorm can be great to visit. So check out the online deals regularly or ask your travel agent for special deals.