Popular scams to avoid on your holiday

When traveling to Benidorm be aware of scammers trying to steal your money, expensive or precious things. There are different ways they will try to do that. Here is a list of what you should avoid:

Picture by Pixabay
  • If you see some people on the street asking you to sign a petition, don't sign! When you do they will ask you for money because it means you support the organization behind the petition. Those organizations are false and are set up for you to donate money to scammers.  
  • Some women can try to scam you by offering you sprigs of rosemary and when you accept them, ask for some money for them. If that doesn't work, they probably try to pickpocket your belongings. Other people will try to offer you a free bracelet or figurine, they are mostly African art sellers of all kinds of so-called handmade items. They only release the item and you after you have paid a small tip for the gift that they have given you, mostly they ask one to five euro. They can make you feel intimidated, so never take anything for free from these men and women.
  • Don't be tempted to play the so-called potato game in Benidorm or anywhere else for that matter. Anyone who wins a game is in the plot. The gang consists of a large number of members, playing the game but also further on in the streets on the lookout for the police. They perform an act to seduce the people passing by to play a game because the profits can be high, that is what they want you to think. But in the end, playing the game is guaranteed to cost you a lot of money. Even looking at how others play the game is risky because you run the risk of becoming a victim of pickpockets.
  • Don't give money to beggars sitting in the streets, some of them are not so poor as you think. The sad thing is that they mostly try to tempt you with their children not having food to eat or they use animals to arouse pity.
  • Do not withdraw cash from ATMs on the street that says EURONET. These devices charge too much commission. It is better to withdraw money from a recognized official bank. If you also have to pay commission there, go to another bank that does not charge you any commission.
These are known tricks in Benidorm where the police will intervene if possible. Scamming tourists, in any form, is bad for the city's reputation. If you come across any of these scams, notify the police if possible. In case of emergency, you can call the 112 emergency number. There you can get forwarded to the police, fire brigade, and/or emergency medical service. The operator on the other side will immediately transfer you to the necessary emergency service. Besides Spanish, the service is also provided in English.