Benidorm is good for your health!

According to the Belgian doctor, Coppé living in Benidorm is very good for your health. The doctor is living in Benidorm for more than 30 years and also has his practice there.

Picture by Pixabay

According to the Doctor, Benidorm and the entire Costa Blanca is good for your health because there is almost always the same constant air pressure, which is good for people suffering from asthma and many other lung diseases. Constant air pressure is also ideal for rheumatism patients, it greatly alleviates the complaints so that they hardly have to take any medication and that is good for the kidneys.

The almost always sunny climate around Benidorm also helps people with heart problems. The southern way of life also ensures that many people walk around less stressed and the cheaper cost of living also benefits that.

Obviously, a lot of people are getting much older in Benidorm than elsewhere. But there is also a downside, because of the many bars and restaurants with low prices, some people can get an alcohol problem if they are not careful. Also, people with a sensitive skin type in always sunny Spain should be careful not to develop skin cancer.