Enjoy the beaches of Benidorm

If there is something for which Benidorm or the Costa Blanca, in general, is very well known, it is its beautiful beaches. It is not without reason that "Costa Blanca" means the "White Coast". The beauty of the beaches is therefore not simply left to their own devices, they are checked daily, cleaned, and leveled so that every beach-goer can fully enjoy them. Every day, all year round.

Picture by Harry Fabel

Whether it's about the two large beaches or the smaller ones in the area, they are all well maintained. Benidorm considers its beaches of absolute importance. They are the main attraction for both foreign and domestic tourists. The accessibility of the beaches is also important to the city council. Every few meters you can step on or leave the large beaches and there is also the possibility to rinse your feet with fresh seawater. That way you don't take the sand with you to your hotel room or apartment, which can sometimes be very annoying.

There are also plenty of options and services for people with a disability to make their stay on the beach as pleasant as possible. And of course, there is no top beach without the sea rescuers and first-aid posts. They also let you know through flags in different colors whether it is safe and allowed to swim in the sea. They can also warn you if there are any jellyfish on the coast. All you have to take care of yourself is your beach towel, your sun cream, and a good mood. Also, keep in mind that the sand can get very hot on hot sunny days. It is, therefore, useful to enter the beach with some protection for your feet.

You are free to rent a beach bed and/or umbrella at a reasonable price for your stay on the beach. Of course, you can also bring your own, there are several places on the beach to do that. All of Benidorm's beaches have free access, both during the day or late at night. But it is not allowed to swim in the sea at night.

Picture by Harry Fabel

You can also do your bit to keep the beaches of Benidorm clean. You can do this by cleaning up your rubbish and deposit it in one of the many bins that are distributed on the beaches. Smoking is allowed on the beach, but make sure that your cigarette butts are not just thrown into the sand or the sea. The city sometimes distributes handy beach ashtrays to keep track of your cigarette butts until you leave the beach. The beauty of a beach begins and ends with your behavior on it. Welcome to the beaches of Benidorm!