Benidorm has traffic lights for addictive smartphone users

The city of Benidorm has installed traffic lights on the ground especially for intense smartphone users. This way, pedestrians who do not have an eye on the surroundings and upcoming traffic but only on their smartphone screens can cross the street more safely.

Picture by Pixabay

The "Balizas Semafóricas" as they are called, are built into the ground during a trial period at the intersection of the busy Ruzafa, Herrerías, and Emilio Ortuño streets. The light lines are synchronized with the traffic lights so that the illuminated stripes are red or green in color. That way, people who are only looking at their smartphones can notice them more easily.

Picture by Harry Fabel

These light lines or horizontal traffic lights, together with the newly installed acoustic signaling devices for blind pedestrians, form part of the "Smart City" project in which Benidorm, together with other cities, wants to use new technologies to improve road safety.