Benidorm the new Spanish series

Atresmedia has a new series called "Benidorm" which is meanly recorded in and around the always sunny city on Costa Blanca. It is an eight-episode romantic comedy that, if it is up to the Atresmedia network, will also be shown internationally on Netflix at a later stage.

Atresmedia has already made and sold several successful series such as "La Casa del Papel", "Vis a Vis" and "The Cathedral of the Sea" to Netflix. Actor Antonio Pagudo and the actress María Almudéver star in this romantic comedy that originally will be broadcast on the Spanish television channel Antena3 and on the online platform Atresplayer Premium. The recording of the eight episodes of the (first) season started at the end of November 2019.

 María Almudéver and Antonio Pagudo

Some more details about the story: Xabier Zurita is a Basque notary who also looks like a Basque notary with life as rectangular as the shirts he wears to work. When he hears that he has a tumor in his head and has only three months to live, he is unable to tell his friends and family and he decides to flee to Benidorm. Xabier (Xabi) chose Benidorm because he was there the happiest of his whole life when he met his one true love María Miranda during a trip years ago.

During his search for María he stays in Hotel Benidorm but because he is sad because of his illness and he does not seem to find María. In the bar of the hotel, he drunkenly tells his story to Tony, a stranger. Tony is shocked when Xabi confesses that he has saved three million euros. Tony decides to use his girlfriend and stripper Candy to play the part of Maria. Because if the two of them manage to convince Xabi that Candy is actually Maria, then they are instantly rich because of Xabi's legacy.

But does Xabi fall for this trap and does he actually believe that Candy is his first and last love Maria or does he eventually find Maia and the whole fraud becomes known? To find out, you will have to see the series on a TV channel or stream service near you.

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