Benidorm welcomes digital nomads

Digital nomads are people who use the internet to perform their work location-independent. They live a "nomadic" life by traveling a lot and in this way making use of their flexible way of working and earning money. In Benidorm, the city believes this genre of travelers is ideal to fill the shortage of other seasonal tourists.

According to the mayor, Benidorm is not only a corona-safe destination that is attractive to tourists all year round, but it is also an ideal place to work. He mainly focuses on national and international digital nomads who can come to Benidorm with their 'digital office' and/or activities for a longer period of time.

Benidorm is not only an ideal destination for the home workers (Teletrabajadores) but also for digital nomads who normally stay in a destination for a short or longer period to work.

To attract the digital nomads and homeworkers, the city has the slogan Vivir en Benidorm, trabajar desde el paraĆ­so or Living in Benidorm, working from paradise. The Visit Benidorm website has a special page for the Digital Nomads, you can find it here.