Less seagulls and pigeons in Benidorm

The city of Benidorm has contracted a company to control thousands of yellow-legged gulls. These birds are increasingly seen in and around Benidorm and are starting to become a problem because this gull species is often more brutal and less afraid of people. Especially when it comes to getting food. 

Picture by Harry Fabel

An appointed company will help the city of Benidorm to control and monitor the yellow-legged gulls, or "Gaviotas Patiamarillas" as they are called in Spanish. The same company will also try to get the many rock pigeons or in Spanish "Palomas bravĂ­a" under control.

There are several ways that can be used to limit the number of birds, such as using falcons or other birds of prey. Another way is to remove eggs and nests. Also limiting the places of breeding is one of them.