Little Nuisance was in Benidorm

"Little Nuisance" that's what the young British tourist from Manchester calls himself. His target? To climb as many skyscrapers and high apartment complexes as possible with the goal of making a nice selfie and hope that there will be many likes on his Instagram account and YouTube channel.

Picture YouTube

The real name of the, as he describes himself, "professional idiot" is unknown, but on social media networks he calls himself "Little Nuisance". Playing with his life with every climb he does, not only in Benidorm but worldwide. He always climbs the tall buildings without any form of protection.

The "professional idiot" has managed to climb the three tallest buildings in Benidorm: the InTempo tower at 192 meters, the Gran Bali hotel at 186 meters, and the Torre Lugano at 158 meters.

He was later arrested by police but released with just a fine and a warning. The police cannot do much more with this small dangerous troublemaker, which in some way promotes Benidorm in a way you have never seen.

If you want to see what he is up to now, here is his Instagram and YouTube channel.