Lost property in Benidorm gets donated

Every year, the Benidorm local police department receives about 3,000 lost or forgotten items that are stored in a warehouse where they must be kept for up to two years. There are now new city regulations that ensure that these found objects can start a second life faster by donating them to persons or charities that need them.

Picture by Pixabay

Suitcases full of clothes, hundreds of smartphones, keys, wallets, or glasses. All objects found on the streets by the local police and civilians. These thousands of objects are kept and classified by the PolicĂ­a Local in a city warehouse.

According to a law in the Civil Code dating from 1889, found objects must be kept for at least two years before deciding what to do with them if no one has claimed them. From now on, the city of Benidorm wants to help people who are less fortunate and can do something with certain found objects by donating them.

Under the new law, personal documents with names, photos, and addresses, or bank details will be destroyed immediately or after a short time. Keys are kept for a maximum of six months and cash is deposited and kept in a special account of the municipality. The rest is redistributed to people in need or organizations that help those in need.