The Intempo building is finally opening its doors

Fifteen years after the Intempo building was first promoted by Basque businessman José IGnacio de la Serna, the residential tower, which has graced the Benidorm skyline for years, is finally in solemn use in the summer of 2021.

According to the newspaper El Español, the highest residential tower in Spain consists of two golden towers of 193 meters high that have 47 floors. Connected by an M-shaped dome, the two towers have dominated the Benidorm skyline for years. The popular resort on Costa Blanca is also called Beni-York because of this type of skyscraper.

The long construction process that preceded this moment has, according to El Español, become a symbol of the real estate madness before the 2008 crisis and the subsequent bailout of the banking sector.

Picture by Harry Fabel

Now, 15 years after the foundation stone was laid in 2006, the details are being finalized to finally open the doors. According to the builders, 90% of the work has already been completed. But in the meantime already two new apartment buildings have been build in front of the massive tower, blocking the lower apartments from having a sea view.


  1. The apartments with no view of the sea (blocked by the 2 new buildings) can be bought for €25.00 LOL!


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