It snows in Benidorm

'It snows in Benidorm' or  'Nieva en Benidorm' is a thriller set in the famous seaside resort at the Costa Blanca in Spain.

The story: After being forced to retire, Peter decides to go to Benidorm to visit his brother Daniel with whom he has little contact. But when he arrives in Benidorm, Daniel seems to have vanished. Peter discovers that his brother owns the Benidorm Club, a place where a group of dancers makes exotic and burlesque performances. Among them is Alex, a beautiful woman with a mysterious past, who steals Peter's heart. In the search for his brother, Peter comes in contact with dangers involving real estate mafias, unpaid debts, and always partying tourists.

Picture courtesy of El Deseo

The city of Benidorm is as it were one of the characters in this story, a place full of excess where anything is possible.

The film was shot in English and Spanish and stars British actor Timothy Spall and British-American actress Sarita Choudhury. There are also roles for the Spanish well-known actress Carmen Machi, Pedro Casablanc, and Ana Torrent. The direction is in the hands of the Spanish film director, film producer, and screenwriter Isabel Coixet.