Spending your winters in Benidorm

Benidorm is an excellent place in Europe to spend the winter. If you look at mainland Europe, this part of the beautiful Costa Blanca is one of the best areas when it comes to good weather in the winter season. However, in December and January sunbathing on the beach and sitting on the terrace until late in the evening in your t-shirt or summer dress is not always an option.

Picture by Harry Fabel

The weather in the winter months is more spring-like than in summers. Beautiful days alternate with periods with less beautiful weather. You cannot rule out a gray day or even autumn-like weather. Yet the weather is pleasant enough for a large group of people to spend the winter here. The mountains that surround Benidorm provide relatively warmer air, so both frost and snow have no chance in Benidorm. Especially for seniors and people with poor health, this is the reason to stay in Benidorm for a longer period of time during the winter months.

The costs of renting an apartment are pleasantly low in the winter months because the normal tourist season runs from May to September/October. Supermarket prices and prices for restaurants are also a lot lower than in the north of Europe.