Bar El Papagayo Benidorm

If you are looking for a cozy evening or night bar with a quiet terrace, this is the perfect place for you in the Benidorm old town. The two Dutch owners Mario and Juri give you a warm welcome. Do they have parrots as the name of the bar suggests? Well, here and there the bar is decorated with parrots in all shapes and materials, gifts from customers built up over the years.

Bar El Papagayo Benidorm

However, we have heard from a good source that it was not the intention to collect this talkative bird in the first place, nor do they have a special bond with it or have one at home. The name El Papagayo was chosen primarily because it contains the word, Gay. Because first and foremost it is a gay bar where everybody is welcome and it is one of the most respected bars in the Benidorm gay community for many years.

So, if you come to visit Bar El Papagayo, please do not bring a parrot souvenir, your holiday feeling with a matching smile is sufficient enough. You can find Bar El Papagayo at this address: Calle Santa Fas 31, Benidorm.

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