Escape to DYMK

Two notable nightlife spots in Benidorm's old town gay area are undeniably linked. Besides the fact that they both have the same owner, they are also two places that complement each other perfectly. 

Escape and DYMK, Escape is more of an old-fashioned chat cafe when it's not too busy, and when it's busy it's more of a shout cafe. Having fun with your favorite music in the background is a great way to start the night here. The bar also has a slightly quieter separate lounge with the remarkable name LOU LOU LOUNGE. How it got its name is a bit unclear, although this may be one of the topics you can discuss in the bar. The bar staff is friendly with a little twist, which is quite normal in Benidorm.

Escape Bar Benidorm

Escape is not very big, so if you want to get a comfortable place come on time, it can be very busy at times. It's also not the right place to dance, you're better off doing that in DYMK, the abbreviation of "Does Your Mother Know". A dance club named after an ABBA song? This can't be anything but a very good place! DYMK is the largest dance bar in the area. Admission is free, but of course, at least one drink is obligated. With its two bars and DJ, DYMK is the perfect place to either end your night or, for some, continue it. The bar staff here are also very friendly, international, and well prepared for your late-night escapade. DYMK sometimes has special themed nights, which are announced on the screen outside the club and on their social media pages.

DYMK Benidorm

Both places are located almost next to each other and you can find them in Carrer d`Alicant 12 and 18, right in the Benidorm old town.