Dia de la Hispanidad

October 12 is a National holiday in Spain in honor of Columbus.  It is the day Columbus and his crew discovered the American continent in 1492. He landed on an island that is now part of the Bahamas in the Caribbean.  The Fiesta National de Espana, as it is called in many South American countries is also remembering too that day, it is, in fact, a holiday for all Spanish-speaking countries en communities.

Picture by Pixabay

The day is celebrated with all kinds of activities and animations, going from parades to Bullfighting tournaments. In the United States, Columbus Day is celebrated on the second Monday in October. In some countries, the day is deliberately not celebrated or renamed, especially to commemorate the Native American victims of Columbus and later European settlers and to emphasize the equality and human rights of Native Americans.

Keep in mind that many shops are closed as Spain celebrates its Dia de la Hispanidadal though bars and restaurants should be open and busy, also in Benidorm.