The Three kings are more important than Christmas

For the Spaniards, the holiday season does not end with New Year's Eve. For them, there is one more important holiday, namely January 6. On this day the Spanish children receive gifts, and not on Christmas Eve.

The Three Kings tradition is quite similar to Christmas, with the difference that it is not about the birth of Jesus, but about the Royal visitors, he receives one week later. According to the biblical story, three kings from the far east came and brought gifts for the little newborn King.

Picture by Pixabay

This event is now honored and the 3 wise kings were elevated to saints in Spain, Melchior, Balthazar, and Gaspar gradually got the name Tres Reyes Magos. Children can pass on their wishes via magical or royal mailboxes that are placed in town squares and in shopping centers, this is also comparable to the letter that children in the rest of the world can deliver to Santa Claus.

On January 5, there is the solemn entry of the 3 kings. This impressive procession also takes place in Benidorm. The parade in Benidorm starts at 6pm at Parque de Elche and continues through the old town via Calle Almendros and Calle Ruzafa up to the square below the Town Hall. Expect a lot of crowds and happy children! On the night of January 6, all the children will have their gifts magically delivered to their homes.