Benidorm's first skyscraper

The Torre Coblanca was the first block of flats in Benidorm to go up to 30 floors and a height of 94 meters. This building on the Levante beach is also the start of the towering building frenzy that still rages in the city to this day. Building ever higher has now become a household name in Benidorm.

Picture by Harry Fabel

The building was completed in 1969. The know-how to build taller buildings on sandy grounds was later applied to other buildings along coastlines in other cities such as Miami. The Torre Coblanca is still very popular today with many holidaymakers and permanent residents, mainly due to its excellent location on the beach and close to the old town. At the bottom of the building, there are still several small shops, restaurants, and service companies, just like in the early years of the tower.

Picture by Harry Fabel

Torre Levante took over the first position of the highest building in 1985 with 120 meters and 35 floors.