Benidorm tops the list of hotspots for pickpockets and scammers in Europe

Unfortunately, tourists are often the target of pickpockets. But there are a few vacation hotspots where travelers are more likely to fall victim to scams. A weekly public market in Benidorm now appears to be the place where most pickpockets strike.

Picture by Pixabay

Benidorm is a popular holiday destination for many Europeans, especially from the north. But according to a new survey, it's also one of the hottest places in Europe when it comes to pickpockets and street scams. a sad number-one spot.

Here is the list of Europe's most dangerous places to get scammed or robbed.

  1. Mercado Municipal de Benidorm, Spain
  2. Athens Metro, Greece
  3. Colon Street, Philippines
  4. Barcelona Metro, Spain
  5. Las Ramblas, Spain
  6. Gare du Nord, France
  7. Paris Metro, France
  8. Roma Termini, Italy
  9. El Rastro, Spain
  10. Lisbon Tramway Network, Portugal

Just outside Benidorm’s historic center, the central market is the city’s top grocery spot with lots of local treats for sale. However, as a tourist, you will need to be careful when visiting the market, because as you can see in the list, it is also a hotspot for pickpockets. You also have to be careful with the gambling games you see at the beach promenade and popular streets, you always lose and there might be a pickpocket right behind you.