Benidorm will be greener with dunes on the beaches

The city of Benidorm has developed a new project called 'Green Benidorm 2024-2026' or Verde Benidorm for the sustainable development of the coastal town. The project aims to raise 7.5 million euros through “Planes de Sostenibilidad Turística 2023”. This amount would cover 100% of the funding for the 16 actions, which are grouped into four categories, Green and Sustainable Transition, Energy Efficiency, Digital Transition, and Competitiveness. The projects include the construction of vegetative dunes on the beaches to combat climate change and solar panels on several car parks.

Picture By Visit Benidorm

Mayor Toni Pérez announced that the new local plan is part of the municipality's strategy to participate in calls for outside funding. The project includes 16 actions for an even more sustainable and digital Benidorm, focusing on energy efficiency, climate change, and territory protection. The mayor stressed that Benidorm will only be the best destination to visit if it is the best city to live in.