Soon everyone will want to go to Benidorm, the fantastic tourist destination that is not that expensive at all

If you have never ever heard of Benidorm, here is your chance to discover it. The Spanish resort, not far from Alicante, is considered to be the European Miami.

Influencers and bloggers from all over the world have recently discovered Benidorm and its surroundings as the new place to be. They took photos and videos of what actually looks like a big American city. Huge beaches with hundreds of skyscrapers behind them, tourist attractions scattered everywhere, clubs, and a lively nightlife.

Picture by Harry Fabel

These content creators then shared their videos and photos on social networks such as YouTube TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram. And that's why you will certainly hear about Benidorm: it is beautiful and close by.

But the European Miami also has another feature to talk about: the prices. A beer in many places costs only one euro, a dinner can cost only ten, free beaches abound and clubs can be extremely cheap. A hotel room with a sea view, including a jacuzzi in the room, dinner, and breakfast, can even cost less than 50 euros each. In short, there is a new ideal destination to take advantage of. It has incredible prices, a dream sea, and is full of tourist attractions of all kinds to spend a few weeks full of fun.

Picture by Harry Fabel

In addition, Benidorm can be visited almost all year round. Even in September, October, and November, there is a warm climate that allows you to go out, swim and engage in sports and outdoor activities.