Did Roger Moore Own a House in Benidorm? Unpacking the Rumors and His Connection to the City

Roger Moore, the legendary actor best known for his portrayal of James Bond, had a well-established connection to Spain throughout his life. This has fueled online speculation about his potential ownership of a house near the popular resort town of Benidorm. However, separating fact from fiction requires a closer look at the evidence.

Roger Moore in Live And Let Die

While there's no definitive proof that Moore ever owned a house specifically near Benidorm, his fondness for Spain is well-documented. He spent time there frequently and even made a special guest appearance on the British sitcom "Benidorm" in 2011. This appearance wasn't just any cameo; it was a fitting twist for the former 007, as he played a local dignitary, adding a touch of his iconic persona to the show.

Furthermore, rumors circulated online suggesting Moore owned a villa in Moraira, a town roughly 30 kilometers north of Benidorm. However, these claims lack reliable sources to confirm them. 

It's crucial to approach such online rumors with caution and seek verification from credible sources. While the possibility of Moore owning a property near Benidorm can't be entirely ruled out, the current evidence remains insufficient to substantiate the claim definitively.