Discover Placa Triangular: Benidorm's Modern Square

Placa Triangular, also known as Triangle Square, stands as a contemporary addition to the vibrant cityscape of Benidorm. Serving as a nexus between the historical charm of Benidorm's old town, the modern cityscape, and the inviting shores of Levante Beach, this ultra-modern square holds a unique allure for both locals and visitors alike. Conveniently positioned in proximity to the town hall, it has become a focal point for social gatherings and events.

Picture by Harry Fabel

At the perimeter of the square, an eye-catching feature, the Tecnohito, captures attention. Soaring 22 meters high, this impressive metal structure integrates spiral staircases within its framework and is adorned with LED screens. Notably, it ranks among Spain's largest digital screens, making it a prominent hub for information dissemination. Positioned at the intersection of Avenida Mediterráneo and Calle del Esperanto, the Tecnohito was initially conceived as a lookout post. However, its current function is primarily centered around dynamic advertising campaigns and public announcements.

Picture by Harry Fabel

Beyond the Tecnohito, Placa Triangular offers a well-designed public space with various amenities. Shaded areas beneath mature trees, including one particularly ancient specimen, provide a refreshing respite from the sun. Comfortable benches, inviting terraces, and a selection of eateries contribute to the square's welcoming atmosphere. Moreover, Placa Triangular has become a noteworthy venue for significant public events, playing host to festivities such as the Fallas and BenidormFest, further enhancing its cultural significance in the community.