Benidorm gets Bigger: 20 New High-Rise Hotels Planned

Sun-seekers, rejoice! Benidorm is about to get a whole lot bigger. The city council is set to approve the development of the Levante zone, the largest undeveloped area within the city limits. This massive project paves the way for 20 towering new hotels, each with a minimum of 20 floors, catering to the city's booming tourism industry.

Picture by Harry Fabel

This isn't just about hotels, though. The 57-hectare Plan Parcial 1/1 Ensanche Levante prioritizes green spaces and public facilities.  Two-thirds of the area, a significant 65%, will be dedicated to parks, gardens, walking paths, and even two new educational plots. This ensures a balance between development and a pleasant environment for residents and tourists alike.

Here's what the plan includes:

  • 20 new hotels:  Accommodation options will skyrocket with the addition of these high-rise hotels. 
  • 1564 tourist apartments: Perfect for families or longer stays, these apartments cater to diverse tourist needs.
  • 780 residential apartments:  The project also creates new housing opportunities within the city.
  • Large central park:  Spanning over 6 hectares (15 acres), this green space will be a welcome addition for relaxation and recreation.
  • Public gardens and walking areas:  Over 23,000 square meters of dedicated walking spaces and gardens will enhance the area's walkability and aesthetics. 

This ambitious project signifies Benidorm's commitment to growth while prioritizing green spaces and public amenities. It's sure to attract even more visitors and residents seeking a vibrant and well-equipped seaside destination.