Benidorm Maintains Pristine Beaches Year-Round with Dedicated Cleaning Efforts

The Benidorm municipality prioritizes keeping its beaches spotless, as evidenced by the impressive 540 tons of waste collected in 2023 from both the shores and the Mediterranean Sea. This commitment extends throughout the year, making Benidorm a standout destination in Spain where beach services like cleaning and lifeguarding never go out of season.

Picture by Harry Fabel

The press release highlights the significant year-round use of the beaches, justifying the continuous cleaning operation. A dedicated team of 28 cleaners works tirelessly, supported by various machines like sifting equipment and tractors. During the low season, a core team of 13 cleaners, drivers, and supervisors ensures beach upkeep. Daily cleaning schedules involve manual cleaning from 7:00 AM to 1:30 PM and mechanized cleaning overnight from 10:30 PM to 4:50 AM.

The waste collection breakdown provides a glimpse into beach usage patterns. Over 360 tons of municipal waste were manually collected from various beaches throughout the year. Notably, even the winter months of January and February saw significant waste volumes, with figures exceeding 9 tons each month. This underscores the consistent popularity of Benidorm's beaches.

The breakdown by month reveals peak waste collection during the summer rush, reaching a high of 82.58 tons in August. Interestingly, waste collection remained above 24 tons even in May and June, highlighting the attraction of Benidorm beyond the peak season.

Sieving machines also played a crucial role, collecting over 168 tons of waste throughout the year. This method proved particularly effective during the summer months, with August seeing the highest collection of over 28 tons.

The commitment extends to the sea itself, with a special vessel dedicated to collecting plastic and waste during the summer months. This ensures a clean and healthy marine environment for both tourists and local residents.

Benidorm's dedication to year-round beach maintenance shines through, making it a prime example for other coastal destinations. Their commitment to cleanliness and responsible waste management ensures a pristine and enjoyable experience for beachgoers throughout the year.