Your Perfect Summer Escape: The Buzzing Shores of Benidorm

Summer's sizzling embrace is finally here! Calling all free spirits who crave sun-drenched days and vibrant nights - look no further than the captivating Benidorm, Spain. 

Imagine this: sprawling beaches teeming with youthful energy, the rhythmic pulse of music spilling from vibrant bars, and the carefree atmosphere of endless summer nights. Benidorm caters to those who define "holiday" as an uninhibited plunge into a world of fun.

Picture by Harry Fabel

While vacations hold a unique meaning for every soul, Benidorm offers something truly special. Until the 1960s, it was a quaint fishing village, it's now a haven for young travelers seeking an unforgettable summer experience.

Reaching Benidorm is a breeze. Although it lacks its own airport, Alicante (just 58 km away) and Valencia (145 km away) offer convenient connections. Budget-friendly airlines like Ryanair and Vueling take you there for a song, depending on the travel dates.

Upon landing, hop on an Alsa bus for a comfortable journey to your Spanish paradise. From Alicante, it's a mere 4.75 euros and 15.80 euros from Valencia. For ultimate freedom, car rentals unlock the beauty of exploring the surrounding areas at your own pace.

Picture by Harry Fabel

So, why Benidorm? This slice of Spain has long captivated tourists with its irresistible charm. Here's a taste of what awaits:

A Summer that Stretches On: Nestled on the Mediterranean coast, Benidorm boasts a subtropical microclimate, translating to an extended summer season. The tourist haven awakens between March and April, only to slumber around November. Take a dip in the azure waters anytime during this extended period - that perfect swimsuit picture in March or November? Benidorm makes it possible! 

Nightlife Nirvana: For the party animals, Benidorm reigns supreme. A plethora of nightclubs, pulsating discos, live music venues, and electrifying street festivals cater to every taste. The LGBTQ community finds its own slice of paradise in the old town.

Beach Bliss: Benidorm wouldn't be a summer haven without its stunning beaches. As the "capital" of seaside holidays, it boasts miles of soft, golden sand on its two main beaches - Levante and Ponente. Levante beckons with its lively bars and pubs, while Ponente offers a haven of tranquility for those seeking relaxation. Nestled between them lies the charming Mal Pas beach.

So, if your ideal summer escape involves basking in the sunshine, indulging in endless entertainment, and creating unforgettable memories, set your sights on Benidorm, Spain. This vibrant destination promises an experience that will leave you yearning for more.