A walk to the Albir lighthouse

The lighthouse or Faro de l'Albir is located in the Sierra Helada Natural Park. You can park your car in the parking lot at the Cami Vell del Far. Parking is free. If you do not have a car, you can take bus 10 from the center of Benidorm or Altea. A bus ticket will cost you 1.50 euro, one way.

Access to the park is free. On a warm day be sure to take some water with you. There is also a water well at the beginning of the track where you can fill your bottles with pure fresh local water.

Picture by Harry Fabel

Walking to the lighthouse takes you between 30 and 45 minutes. That depends on how fast you want to walk. Some people run up to the lighthouse as a daily workout. Others walk their dogs.  You are never alone here on a sunny day. And yes, the mobility scooters are there as well.

Picture by Harry Fabel

There is plenty to see along the way, special flowers and plants. But especially the view of the sea is beautiful. Once at the top, you have a nice view of Albir, and further on you see Altea and even Calpe.

Picture by Harry Fabel

Inside the lighthouse, there is a free very small museum. This tells the life of the lighthouse keepers, who were often lonely and stayed there for a long time. You can also walk all the way around the building and admire the blue sea. 

Picture by Harry Fabel

The way back is a lot easier. Pay particular attention to the signs of the small beaches in the park. To get there, you often have to deviate from the main path but they are the way to a beautifully romantic and sometimes lonely small beach.

Picture by Harry Fabel


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