Benidorm old town

The old town is the most authentic Spanish part of Benidorm. You can stroll through the narrow streets and experience the Spanish atmosphere from many years ago, away from all high-rise buildings and hotels. The old town is built on and around a rock, so you will have to climb steep hills at some point, but a visit is strongly recommended.

Picture by Harry Fabel

There are all kinds of good authentic restaurants and cafes that you can discover. You should definitely visit the "Iglesia de San Jaime y Santa Ana", an 18th-century white church with two domes covered with blue tiles. From the square in front of the church, called Plaça del Castell, you have a beautiful view of the sea. Centuries ago there was a fort here that was used to protect Benidorm against Algerian and Berber pirates.

Picture by Harry Fabel

In the center of the square is a terrace with tiles in a checkerboard pattern. From this point, stairs with white and blue railings and turrets lead to a lower balcony, from which you look out over the Mediterranean sea. This construction is called the "Balcon del Mediterraneo".

Picture by Harry Fabel

At night, the old town can be very busy, because this is the time when most of the people in Spain have their dinner, very late in the evening. It's also the meeting point for a night out in the town. The view from the "Balcon de Mediterraneo" can be even more impressive and romantic at night.

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