Lets go to Tapas Alley!

You can find a real piece of Spain in Benidorm in the so-called Tapas Alley. This is a touristic nickname for the series of back-to-back tapas restaurants that go all the way from the Passeig de la Carretera shopping street to the Plaza de la Constitution and past the Calle Santo Domingo. The area offers a great opportunity to practice your Spanish, mingle with the locals, and try traditional Spanish cuisine. It’s just five minutes from the crossing of the Levante and Poniente beaches so you could always come over after soaking up the rays in the sun or after a good walk along the promenades.

Picture by Harry Fabel

Officially there are two categories of this kind of fast food, tapas or Pinchos. Traditionally Pinchos are slices of bread with things on top using a small skewer and served cold. Tapas come in little terracotta dishes, which can be served hot or cold but need to be eaten with a small fork. But to make it easy these days everybody calls them tapas!

Picture by Harry Fabel

The Tapas and Pinchos offers are overwhelming and the temptation to order too much is big, this is why tapas are dishes best shared with family or friends. And of course go easy on the wine, on a lazy sunny day it goes to your head very easily. Tapas Alley is an area that is almost packed with Spanish and other Europeans jostling for positions at the bar or one of the tables on the terraces, but don't worry, there is room enough for everyone. The tapas bars go open in the afternoon and close very late at night.