Real Belgian waffles in Benidorm

You have undoubtedly seen them in Benidorm, the small shops where you can buy real Belgian waffles with on their facade the logo of the world-famous little piing boy statue from Brussels.

Picture by Harry Fabel

These takeout eateries were founded in 1976 under the name "Barquillos Don Luis" by "Luis Paternottre", he learned the trade of baking traditional Belgian waffles in Belgium and had worked with the best waffle makers in Brussels for years. His first shop was opened in Benidorm, in the most famous shopping street of the old town, the "Passeig de la Carretera". Shortly afterward he opened a second shop in the "Calle Martinez Alejos". Both shops are still at this location and are considered to be two emblematic places unmistakably linked to the touristic old town of Benidorm.

Initially, sales points and kiosks were opened all over the Levante coast promenade. Luis opened his first factory in Calpe due to the high demand for his products. In 1980 the factory moved to Benidorm. Since 1988 and today, the factory and shops have been run by "Daniel Marcus" and "Alexandre Paternottre" in their new facilities in La Nucia, where the same recipe is still produced today as it was in the early years.

Luis Paternottre

The name "Gofres" comes from the French translation of the term "Gaufres de Belgique". Almost at the same time, the name of the company was changed to "Gofres Manneken Pis" and the logo of the world-famous little statue from the city center of Brussels was added.