Tortilla de patatas a typical Spanish dish

Tortilla espaƱola or Tortilla de Patatas is a typical Spanish dish that you can certainly also find in Benidorm. There is actually no tapas bar in town where you are not served this delicious omelet. This is a true Spanish classic and is eaten both as a tapa but also as a complete dish, for example with a fresh baguette or a delicious salad.

Despite the fact that the tortilla is seen as a typical Spanish meal, it is not entirely certain where its origin lies. It is generally believed that the tortilla de Papata was invented during Spanish rule in America in the 16th century. The reason for this is actually quite simple as the potatoes, the Papas, was brought to Europe by the Spanish explorers. The addition of potatoes to beaten eggs is seen as an addition to make the egg dish heavier, especially for the Spanish military at that time.

Picture by Harry Fabel

There is actually no standard way of preparing a tortilla. Just as the ingredients can vary, the preparation method differs. The tortilla can be eaten both cold and hot and also served in slices as a tapa, with or without bread, and also served on a baguette with tomato or in cubes as a snack.